Week 12 – Final Round up Post

All good things must come to an end.

This is my final round up post for IS30240 Creating & Publishing Digital Media. With the presentation done, all there’s left for me to do is to tidy up a few bits and pieces before submitting my final project and then that’s it!

Upon reflection on this module I’ve enjoyed learning some new techniques in terms of how to manipulate digital media; I had no previous knowledge about how to make a podcast using PodoMatic for example. From an amateur web design enthusiast’s perspective it was also really interesting to hear about it from an academic perspective – Studying the Gestalt Principles was a refreshing reminder that time is still being put in to teaching students how to design front end – too often during my time in UCD there has only been modules related to coding and programming websites with little or no consideration to usability or aesthetics.


“I enjoyed the lab part of the class as it allowed us to have a more hands on approach with the subject”


In addition, it was great to have a class that I could draw on tangible outside skills to help me with my final project. My background in photography helped hugely with the creation of my project and I’m sure the photography/videography aspect will be something that entices other students to take the module in the future.


WEB VERSION Dans les vinesPictured above: One of my favourite images from the Boules Ireland shoot

In terms of things that I’d change; I would have had instructions on the assignment itself provided a little sooner – there was a mix up with students about when it was due etc and what could and couldn’t be used. However, I really enjoyed the lab part of the class as it allowed us to have a more hands on approach with the subject, and was also a good way in keeping everyone engaged with the material too.

That’s all from me now, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog!




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