Week 8 – Videography

This week we learnt the basics of video composition.

We looked at the importance of balance in a shot – how, by using the rule of thirds, we can balance a shot with props and other objects if the subject is too exposed. Contrast, colour balance and brightness are also very important in getting a great shot. These can however be regulated in post production. As in photography, the triangle of Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO are of paramount importance in videography.


eh.. u wan selfie

Pictured above: Messing around with my Nikon as part of the final project

In terms of video editing, there are plenty of online editors made available to everyone, for free. YouTube has it’s own online editor for example, available at YouTube.com/editor. However, these are usually much less powerful than Desktop editors like iMovie or Adobe Premiere Pro, so if you’re searching for a more professional grade video editing software, it’s best to steer away from the free online software.

For the lab part of our class, we explored the YouTube editor and WeVideo, and how to mix video and audio feeds. Here I mixed some deep house with the video that was taken from class, and then faded out both the music and the video. Have a look:

I also created an ambient feature in YouTube editor using only Creative Commons video and music, which was really cool!



Finally, check out this video I made at home using Adobe Premiere Pro, about my summer in Boston.





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