Week 5 – Veracity and Story Time

This week we examined veracity in social media, and the online digital media driven story creator; Storify.

We looked at some of the features that can help determine whether content posted online is what it really says it is, and as such we divided our investigation into 2 areas: Content, and source.


Job search and career choice, magnifying glass searching people



In terms of content, by examining the dates of the post, whether it matches up with previous posts of the same type, or if other posts of the same nature back up the content, we can judge the veracity of a post.


Examining the source is also a good way of determining the truthfulness of a post. Investigating the person or organisation, their reliability, (eg if it is a satirical newspaper then it’s probably not going to be true)


enda lovely boy

Waterford Whisperers News: Not the most reliable source on the internet


We were also tasked with creating a story on Storify, based on a topic that was trending on Twitter at the time of our tutorial. Since our tutorial was on Friday, the day we were to elect our new Dáil, there was a huge amount of content on the election. I chose #UseYourVote, and explored it’s changing popularity and message .


So check it out!





Government Officially Unveil Two-Tier Justice System For Rich & Poor. (n.d.). Retrieved February 27, 2016, from http://waterfordwhispersnews.com/2015/05/21/government-officially-unveil-two-tier-justice-system-for-rich-poor/

Storify. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://storify.com/

Image credit: julynxa – Fotolia.com


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