Week 4 – Creating Podcasts

For this week’s assignment we were tasked with creating our own podcast using an audio editing software called Audacity. I’d had previous experience using Audacity to record and edit an interview with a friend a few months back, so I was familiar with the technology.


“Sounds bounce off flat and hard surfaces. Use somewhere with carpets to capture clear, precise audio”


I decided to use a recording I’d made a few years earlier, of a friend of mine, Tom Doorley playing ‘The Bucks of Oranmore’, a famous reel from Clare.


After downloading the file onto my computer, and attempting to import the recorded file (it was recorded via the recording app for iPhone) I received this error message:


audacity screengrab


The file was formated as an M4a, which is incompatible with Audacity. To rectify this I used online-audio-converter.com, a free online audio file conversion tool that is simple to use, but very effective.

Once I’d converted the file to MP3, I was free to click-and-drag the file into Audacity.

For the next phase, I started by highlighting the background audio at the start of the recording, selecting ‘effects’ and going into ‘noise removal’, then performing the task again, this time re-selecting the entire clip  and clicking ‘repeat noise removal’. By doing so I was able to divide the sound of the recording and the ambient background sounds that were disturbing the recordings clarity. I then cropped the clip, having removed the ambient noise, and… Hey presto! The podcast was complete.

All that was left to do was to upload the podcast to Podomatic, title the podcast and create a short bio about the recording.


I also made up some cover art from a website called Canva, which is great for making quick, visual posts:


Canva screengrab

Pictured above: Working on some new cover art with Canva

So check it out!





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