Week 3 – HTML


This week we explored the basics of CSS and HTML.


The HTML coding bit is what’s known as the ‘back end’ in terms of creating a website. It’s like the bones and the vital organs of the site, where we decide what type of functions the website will run, the order in which things are laid out, and the actual content that is going to be displayed. No HTML, no website. – simples!


HTML Screenshot
Pictured above: a screenshot of what some of this page looks like in HTML


Then there’s the CSS – this is the designy bit – it’s still code, but perhaps a little easier and more enjoyable than writing countless lines of HTML. The CSS makes up the front end, and it’s how you decide what kind of fonts you want, size and colours for different headings, spacing, underlining – pretty much everything to do with the aesthetics of your website.


You can type these codes up in simple applications like Notepad, or use customised applications such as Mozilla Thimble, which allows you to instantly preview your work, and have your script colour-coded, among a variety of different functions.




If you really do find HTML too difficult but still want (almost*) full creative control over building your website, there are also WYSIWG alternatives. What You See Is What You Get are web builders that allow you to design your website, usually in HTML 5, while handling the back end for you. Sites like Weebly allow for an easy, click-and-drag style web building platform that are pretty easy to use.

*The drawback is that most of the time these web builders constrict you by having to work off a template, and within the limitations of their own web formats.

I really would recommend even trying some basic HMTL and CSS just to get the feel of it – Check out this awesome resource, called CodeAcademy that helps people learn the languages from scratch, it’s helped me alot!


So there you have it, an introduction into the basics of web design and some pretty handy alternatives.






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