About Me


Welcome to my blog.

My name’s Somhairle, I’m a 4th year Information Studies student currently enrolled in UCD, and I’m going to be blogging weekly about various digital media content that we encounter in our course.

As well as blogging about the class, I will be creating a digital media based narrative on a topic of my choice (it’s going to be photo based for sure).

You can also get involved with the project by following the hashtag #DigiMediaUCD on Twitter to get all the latest info on what the other students are blogging about too!

I hope you’ll be there to join us.



Pssht! Hey! Check this out! below is a list of my posts to date:

Week 1 – http://tiny.cc/Week1DigitalMedia

Week 2 – http://tiny.cc/Week2DigitalMedia

Week 3 – http://tiny.cc/Week3DigitalMedia

Week 4 – http://tiny.cc/Week4DigitalMedia

Week 5 – http://tiny.cc/Week5DigitalMedia

Week 6 – http://tiny.cc/Week6DigitalMedia

Week 7 – http://tiny.cc/Week7DigitalMedia

Week 8 – http://tiny.cc/Week8DigitalMedia

Week 9 – http://tiny.cc/Week9DigitalMedia

Week 10 – http://tiny.cc/Week10DigitalMedia

Week 11 – Presentation week (no blog due)

Week 12 – http://tiny.cc/Week12DigitalMedia

Final Project – Check it out here
















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